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Food Export-Midwest and Food Export of the Northeast participate in the MAP program that provides up to a 50% cost-reimbursement for qualified international marketing expenses. You can grow your exporting sales that much faster with our support. Learn More.

Leverage a Strong U.S.Dollar to Grow Exports

Building brand recognition is one of the most expensive aspects of growing any market. Recent changes in exchange rates present an interesting opportunity to leverage the value of your existing marketing budget. If you are not already, why not couple this opportunity with the Food Export Branded Program and double your current budgets for foreign marketing? 
Follow this white paper link for more information on how changes in the value of the USD has created opportunity for your company.

Log into your Food Export portal to see if you qualify. 

What is the Branded Program?

View the video below to find out.


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U.S. Food Showcase at FMI
June 20-23, 2016
Chicago, Illinois

Food Ingredients Asia-China
June 21-23, 2016
Shanghai, China

Specialty Coffee Association of Europe
June 23-14, 2016
Dublin, Ireland

Imbibe Live 2016
July 4-5, 2016
London, United Kingdom

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